Weekly Tuesday and Thursday Presentations and Coffee Jazz Mixers at Capital City Success Center RVA

Every Tuesday & Thursday we offer a positive and productive working environment conducive for personal growth. In addition to providing a system to create financial leverage and stability.

Each Tuesday & Thursday, we invite you to attend Capital City Success Center.

Coffee Jazz Mixer [CJM] + Presentation

With every visit you have an opportunity to meet our company’s superstars who share their personal knowledge and insight on the highest paying industry in the world.

On weekly basis we have multi-millionaires share the power of entrepreneurship, personal growth and a business opportunity of a lifetime!

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7PM EST

Capital City Success Center
2567 Homeview Drive
Richmond, Virginia 23294


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Our business covers 5 most powerful industries today!

  • Health & Wellness - has been projected to be a Trillion Dollar Industry this year

  • Weight Loss - 83% of people in North America want to lose weight

  • Home Based Businesses - this is by far the fastest growing sector in North America today

  • The Internet - 200 billion dollars are being spent over the world wide web

  • Coffee - Second Largest Traded Commodity – coffee is the largest traded commodity in world next to oil. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world next to water. Coffee drinkers in North America alone drink 3-4 cups of coffee every single day.

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